Meet the new 2019-2020 Brigadette officers

John Tyler’s drill team is known as the brigadettes. Fourteen young ladies tried out to become the team leaders this Saturday March 2nd. The officers are required to lead the team by example. They show up to practice early and help make sure everyone is okay. Out of the fourteen young ladies five were given the opportunity to lead this team. In order from left to right you have Officer Samantha Garcia, Officer Amanda Cruz, Captain Michelle Leal, Officer Dakira Mitchelle, Officer Giselle Alvarez.

Author: Giselle Alvarez

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Ms.Winspear “bullies” her students into completing their work

Miss Winspear consistently forces her students to complete their articles by any means necessary in order to help them succeed. One example of this is when she threatened to rat out Lexie Flores to her cheer leading coach for stating that their cheer leading period was boring, when it was suggested that she compose an article that would bring recognition to this prestigious team.

Authored by: Lexie Flores

Officer tryouts are here

Two weeks after drill team tryouts officer tryouts are finally here ! On Saturday March 2, 2019 4 groups of our veteran brigadettes will be trying out for officer positions in drill team. These girls have been working non-stop since this past Saturday for this upcoming event. Mrs. Godair and Miss Jones are very excited to see the judges results because they know they won´t go wrong with their choices. Each one of these girls make great candidates as officers!

Author/Photographer: Diana Zavala

John Tyler competing in the 2019 Bobcat Spring Classic

John tyler varsity golf travels all the way to longview ,and had your full team play. But we were not able to place due to the lack of going to practice due to the rain and all the water on the course. Even though we were not able to practice as much, we were still able to finish strong but we still were not able to place in the top 5 out of 16 teams.

Author: Brandon Young

John Tyler Lady Lions

The lady lions basketball team is preparing to take on Hallsville at Hallsville High school at 6:15, Tuesday 29 . This district match is one of many that has been played so far this season. Both teams play with similar styles and are very good at getting steals and getting into fast breaks. The main scorers for the Lady Lions are Asia Parker, Kassity Mckenzie, However, the lady lions hope that their determination, perseverance, and willingness to go above and beyond will allow them to come away with the win. Coach Ronald Meikle is “excited to see what his team can do against this opponent”.

Author: Terrion Williams

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