Suicide prevention

Suicide is a problem that is not often discussed in a manner that is effective at preventing it.  Schools typically post posters and require teachers to have some training on how to handle students approaching them but it ends there.  

When speaking to the faculty at John Tyler High School they were able to learn some of the reasons that this topic is avoided.

When asked about what her views were on the topic, John Tyler High School’s principal Chanel Howard-Veazy stated that “One of the reasons why schools don’t really talk about this topic is because the purpose of school is to educate and I have encountered people who have been through depression or who have thought about suicide from my previous years of teaching.”  

Paakal Mendoza, biology teacher and head girls soccer coach, stated that one of the reasons this topic is avoided is “For many religions suicide is a sin therefore it is not an easy topic to talk about.”  

He stated that he has had some students approach him about some of these issues despite that.  

One of the school nurses, Mrs. Shanika Grant, stated that she also has had “some students … comfortable enough to talk about it.”

When asked about what she does in those situations she replied, “as nurses if we ever reach that [point] we have to contact the schools counselor to get [them] involved.

Instead of just putting up posters we need more people more people to join in, in order to make a difference and make people feel comfortable so they can be able to go to others and let others know that they are not alone.”

ByJacqueline Maldonado  & Alejandro Medina

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  1. what a sensitive topic, I’m glad everyone is aware of this problem, Maybe shinning more light to these situations may bring an end, or decrease the issue. Excellent job!


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