Mrs. Bonnie McGee inspires students daily

Mrs. Mcgee plans to inspire her cosmetology students and “to give them specifics about the training they need.”  She forces them to “think about their future.”

For sophomores looking to take her class, she wants them to have “a better understanding of the time commitment that is required” and free their schedule so they’ll be able to get in those 3 hours of class”

She doesn’t only teach cosmetology; she also teaches culinary arts.  This is an introductory class that serves as a way for students to determine whether or not this career track is for them.

By:Daniela Vazquez,Elizabeth Trejo,Ashley Cruz

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  1. I think its’s great what she’s doing for her students. When I was in Mrs. Mcgee’s class, she was always encouraging her students to strive for better.

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