The life of a brigadette revealed by Andrea Vasquez

Q: What or who inspired you to become a brigadette?

Andrea:  “I was inspired by the unity and sisterhood I saw being a part of the team had.   I love to dance and meet new people, seemed like the perfect fit.”

Q; How do you prepare yourself for shows and games?

Andrea: “Before games or shows, I like to prepare myself by getting my things ready the night before by checking off a checklist.”

Q: How’s a regular practice day? Is it difficult?

Andrea: “A regular day of practice starts early in the morning before 7, everyday unless  told otherwise. Roll check is at 7 so that means getting there before 7 to gather your things and get in stand lines or in my case check roll. Then we either go downstairs to the activity gym or either the grass field in the back which we call the pit, unless we get lucky enough to get turf time. We usually warm up and stretch  first, then start working on the routines for the week, like half-time performances, pep rallies or anything coming up. We go through stand performances, review, polish and tryout for every routine. At the end of every practice, we gather together to hear information we need to be aware of, then hurry upstairs to get ready for school. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult because I really enjoy it.”

Q: How many hours are put into practice? Is it daily?

Andrea: “Every morning practice starts from seven till second period. Every Thursday we have after school practice until six unless told otherwise. So that’s approximately 12 hours all together a week.”

Q: What kind of talents are needed to become a brigadette?

Andrea: “Every brigadette is a great leader, friend, student, and sister. We are smart, well carried young ladies. It’s not about talent; it’s about teamwork.”

Q: Do you have any advice for students who are considering to start dance?

Andrea: “Advice for students who are considering to tryout is to only tryout if you love to dance and show your potential throughout tryouts.”

Q: What’s most important to you?

Andrea: “The most important thing to me is protecting the bond the team has with each other because no one will ever understand what we go through together everyday. Protect the boot.”

Author: Ashley Cruz

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