Mrs. Caraway elaborates on the impact she has had as a coach and teacher at John Tyler

Mrs. Caraway has built the cheer program at John Tyler High School by recruiting middle school cheerleaders.  This gives them a much greater advantage than they have had in the past.

  If students are coming into this knowing how to cheer she spends less time teaching the basics and more time refining things.   Also, having greater numbers coming in from middle school allows her to have more experienced cheer leaders on Varsity Cheer  leading. 

Not all teachers feel that the impact they have in the classroom is equal  to that they have on court.  However, Mrs. Caraway stated teaching and coaching have an equal impact because when she is in her classroom she is both teaching and coaching her students to be better.  John Tyler is lucky to have a coach like her.

By:  Tianna Jackson and Zamaria Washington

Photo by: Ralph Caraway,jr.

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