The man with a plan : Brady Beddingfeild

John Tyler High construction progress

According to the man over the John Tyler construction project, Brady Beddingeild, it will be finished sooner than you think. John Tyler should be finished by August of 2020. The 2019-2020 students of John Tyler will be moving into the new building in January of 2020 (no more portables). The only concerns is when students wander into the construction sites, which is highly dangerous and can cause stress for construction workers. This means that our students need to act more responsibly, and pay attention to their surroundings.

The person over the future glorious John Tyler is Brady Beddingfeild who has had a good amount of experience in construction. From schools to railroads, Brady has done enough to show that both John Tyler and Lee are in good hands. What is even more exciting, is that were able to see the live construction in action. All you have to do, is type up http://www.wrl/ LIVE and you´ll get a close up view of that work in progress, the beginning of a masterpiece.

Brady Beddingfield

50 years from now i will still be excited to drive by and see a great project that i was involved with.

Author: Salise Matlock

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