The John Tyler soccer boys fight till the finish against the host team in the Duncanville Classic

The Lions fought till the end during a game that could be easily described as a nail biter. In the dying minutes of the game, the varsity soccer team gains a point to tie up the game against the tournament host, Duncanville, who is one of the top teams in 6A.

Videographer/Author: Adalynn Gaona

Pictured: Number 7, Victory Leon, with the equalizer.

Mrs. Caraway elaborates on the impact she has had as a coach and teacher at John Tyler

Mrs. Caraway has built the cheer program at John Tyler High School by recruiting middle school cheerleaders.  This gives them a much greater advantage than they have had in the past.

  If students are coming into this knowing how to cheer she spends less time teaching the basics and more time refining tings.   Also, having greater numbers coming in from middle school allows her to have more experienced cheer leaders on Varsity Cheer  leading. 

Not all teachers feel that the impact they have in the classroom is equal  to that they have on court.  However, Mrs. Caraway stated teaching and coaching have an equal impact because when she is in her classroom she is both teaching and coaching her students to be better.  John Tyler is lucky to have a coach like her.


By:  Tianna Jackson and Zamaria Washington

Photo by: Ralph Caraway,jr.

Hail Mary works for John Tyler to clinch the win against Mesquite

John Tyler played against Poteet at Mesquite on Friday night. Coming off before the game both teams were undefeated In district. The game was intense through out the whole game. In the fourth quarter John Tyler was down by 3 points with 2 seconds left on the clock and then for the huge play by John Tyler, the pass was caught from way out for the touchdown pass. the fans and the team were going crazy, they couldn’t believe what just happened. The Final score was 48-44


Author: Anthony Zavala

John Tyler Big Blue Band reacts to getting straight ones for Pre-UIL marching competition

The John Tyler band performed at Mineola on Monday night for Pre UIL marching contest. After their great performance the earned straight ones. The bands are rated 1-5. 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. They got ones for color guard, percussion, drum majors, and band. This was their reaction.
Question: How do you feel about today’s performance ?
Donovan Fields:”I feel like today was a good performance for the band. We have areas we need to improve in as always, but the progress we made shows in the rating we got. I’m happy with it.”
Question: How or what are you going to do to get your band prepared for the real UIL competition?
Donovan Fields: “Were going to have to focus on the problem areas to define them by the date of UIL to make our chances for a first division as high as possible. Those areas being tempo consistency, so we will be practicing with a metronome outside.“
Question: Can you tell us what a metronome is ?
Donovan Fields: “A device, usually electronic, that keeps tempo consistently by clicking a set number of times a minute.”
Question: How much pressure do you feel on yourself during the performance since you are the head drum major
Donovan Fields: “ I feel like all eyes are on me, not only the crowd behind me, but the band in front. The band has to rely on me for the tempo, and if I zone out or don’t pay attention to it, It could cost us a performance. So a lot of pressure.”

Question: When and where is the real UIL competition?
Donovan Fields: “Saturday October 20th, at Longview Stadium“

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