Your future is now at CTC

Your Future is Now is on Monday 22nd, 2018. Your Future is Now is a program that is being hosted at The Career Technology Center in Tyler, Tx. The program is an opportunity for students, mainly 8th through 12th grade, to take a look into their future and try to prepare for life after high school.

It also helps seniors to prepare for college and helps seek information on money for college by having FAFSA there. Come out to the CTC Center to take a look into your future.

Authors: Gloria Ponce, Carlos Ramirez, Joshua Barrientos.

John Tyler Big Blue Band reacts to getting straight ones for Pre-UIL marching competition

The John Tyler band performed at Mineola on Monday night for Pre UIL marching contest. After their great performance the earned straight ones. The bands are rated 1-5. 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. They got ones for color guard, percussion, drum majors, and band. This was their reaction.
Question: How do you feel about today’s performance ?
Donovan Fields:”I feel like today was a good performance for the band. We have areas we need to improve in as always, but the progress we made shows in the rating we got. I’m happy with it.”
Question: How or what are you going to do to get your band prepared for the real UIL competition?
Donovan Fields: “Were going to have to focus on the problem areas to define them by the date of UIL to make our chances for a first division as high as possible. Those areas being tempo consistency, so we will be practicing with a metronome outside.“
Question: Can you tell us what a metronome is ?
Donovan Fields: “A device, usually electronic, that keeps tempo consistently by clicking a set number of times a minute.”
Question: How much pressure do you feel on yourself during the performance since you are the head drum major
Donovan Fields: “ I feel like all eyes are on me, not only the crowd behind me, but the band in front. The band has to rely on me for the tempo, and if I zone out or don’t pay attention to it, It could cost us a performance. So a lot of pressure.”

Question: When and where is the real UIL competition?
Donovan Fields: “Saturday October 20th, at Longview Stadium“

John Tyler attendance clerk Mrs. Perez speaks about herself and her expectations.


” I’ve been working at John Tyler for 16 years. I love working with kids and making a connection. Some advice I give students is to be very careful with their choices, all actions have a reaction, be very wise in choosing who your friends are, and life is what you make of it.”

Author: Daisy Carreno

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